Thanks to Upper Ojai’s and LA County Fire …

Thanks to Upper Ojai’s and LA County Fire Fighter Jody Garfield and his family for switching to solar energy. Jody captained his own bucket brigade throughout Upper Ojai and saved multiple structures during the Thomas Fire.

Their 8.28kw system is offsetting the CO2 equivalent from driving around 200,000 miles and conserving millions of gallons of water used to cool fossil fuels. Furthermore, it’s saving them substantially on electricity costs.

Considering Edison’s 6% escalation rate, their plan to put everyone on Time Of Use, and their stock plummeting thanks to the Thomas Fire and Mudslides, non-solar customers can expect their bills to rise even more.

If you’d like to save money, and do something vital for the environment, reach out to Ish at Ojai’s California Solar Electric at