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The simplicity of solar electricity science may surprise you, while the result of it in action will literally light you up. Once you understand how it works and what parts make up a solar panel system, you’ll see that it’s the quality of the installer and the installation that sets one home’s solar results apart from another.

How solar
energy works

Going solar is easier than you think

So you’re thinking about taking the plunge and going solar. Your hope is to reduce your energy bill and help the environment, but you don’t really know the details of what it takes to get there. We do! We have completed hundreds of solar installations. We’ll guide you through these five steps to becoming a part of our solar family.

5 steps to Solar

From their lips to your ears

There’s nothing more meaningful to us than when our customers are happy with the work we’ve done for them. We’ve racked up a pretty impressive installation track record due to our diligence in helping customers realize their goals and the benefits  of our 15 years of experience with solar. Our home solar solutions are turnkey–we do all the work from design to permitting to installation to communicating with the utility company. Here are examples of what CSE customers think about the work we’ve done for them.

Home solar
case studies

On-grid customer service that's off the charts

As the solar industry continues to grow rapidly, so will the number of companies attempting to provide the service–making it harder to separate the authentic from the posers. We’ve been an established solar company for 15 plus years. Here are some of the elements we feel set us apart from other companies and questions you should ask our competitors to see what level of service they can provide you.

5 questions to
ask a solar rep

Ready to run on solar?

Getting the best value from your system is where the experience and knowledge of true solar professionals come in. In addition to talking to you about system sizes, location and permits, your rep can also guide you through the many financing options now available.

Financing solar

Everybody's doing it

If you have any concerns that you’re too late to get on the solar electricity bandwagon, you couldn’t be more wrong. The US solar market is hot and forecasted to remain so for more than the near future. Solar continues to prove to be a smart and solid bet for homeowners. It’s still a very good time to turn your solar power on.

Solar, the fad
that won’t fade