Commercial solar

Solar electricity is an excellent pro-business and pro-community option for commercial operations, government and other institutions. We have an excellent track record providing expert consultation and solutions for many of these entities.

Solar power is good business

Solar power is a balance sheet bonanza. And with the cost of solar panels at an all-time low, businesses of all sizes across the country are investing in solar energy on a massive scale. In fact, over two-thirds of all photovoltaic capacity has been installed since 2011. That’s tremendous growth propelled by people who know a good deal when they see it.

A sustainable

Solar for government agencies

Leading the community in environmental responsibility is a public relations win-win for government agencies. A solar panel system produces solar in perpetuity, reducing the financial burden on taxpayers. Agencies can lead by example in propelling the community towards energy independence by decreasing their reliance on the energy power grid. And, contributing towards local, renewable energy sources saves money, reduces the agency’s carbon footprint, and increases social awareness. Contact us to discuss your agency’s needs and options with an experienced solar representative.

Solar for non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations with tight budgets like churches and other community institutions have the potential to gain multiple benefits from a conversion to solar electricity. The obvious saving is on utility bills, but predictable future energy costs and enhancing your community image with environmental responsibility adds immeasurable value. Additionally, solar projects for California nonprofit organizations may qualify for special rebates that are higher than those offered to the private sector. We’re happy to advise you about and help you secure applicable rebates for your solar installation. Contact us today!

Solar for schools

There are massive and exciting solar opportunities for California’s over 1,000 school districts and six million students. Our partner, SunPower estimates that distributed solar generation for all California schools could reach approximately 2.2 GW of capacity. That’s $540 million in annual savings, yielding $16.2 billion over a 30-year investment life!

Green by

Solar for agriculture

For agricultural producers, solar power can be an important way to make use of otherwise unusable land. Solar can help reduce the cost of electricity for wells and irrigation pumps, shop buildings, office buildings, and farm residences. Transforming your electric liability into a productive asset will help grow your bottom line.

Harvest Solar

Solar for carports

If you have an electric vehicle (EV) or are thinking about purchasing one, don’t get your power from the grid–run on the sun!  Contact us and we’ll guide you through installing an EV solar power station.  We have designed optimized charging systems for all types of electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid models. Whether it’s a Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus, Chevy Volt, Tesla or other EV, we’ll ensure your solar power station is compatible with your model’s automotive standards and electrical codes. And if we power your carport for a fleet of cars you maintain for your business, congratulations! You’ve just multiplied your savings!

Run your fleet
on the sun!