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Battery Backup Incentive Finally In Full Swing

Having grid-tied solar is great, but having a reliable renewable source of electricity even when the power goes out is even better. Now, since the the California Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) has been brought back with Advanced Energy Storage (aka… Read more »

Want to see how it’s done? Check this out:

Step-by-step video of yet another new solar electric system by CSE Also, here’s a couple of good reads about regional electricity prices past, present and future: Average Rates by Customer Class Years 2000-2011 (2) downloads_pdf_White_Paper_Calif_Elec_Prices The-Future-of-Electricity-Prices-in-California Average Rates by Customer… Read more »

New Group Solar Purchase Program Kicks Off In Ventura

SOLARIZE VENTURA -Maryann Ridini Spencer for SustainableVentura.TV SOLARIZE VENTURA: Power your home with clean renewable energy When you turn on a light, work at the computer, watch television, or blend up your favorite fruit smoothie, you may not think about… Read more »

Yolo County Government Buildings Go Grid Positive!

Yolo County government just west of Sacramento County, now produces 152 percent more energy from solar panels than it uses. In 2010, the Yolo County government was facing an annual $1.4 million electric bill. Now, after working with SunPower to… Read more »

Solarize Ventura Set to Launch April 17th at Patagonia HQ!

The Community Environmental Council in partnership with the City of Ventura is announcing the launch of Solarize Ventura at an 11 am press conference this Thursday, April 17 at Patagonia / Fletcher Chouinard Designs. Solarize Ventura is a community-led, group… Read more »

Light the Lights! Solar Lamps Making a Difference Around the World

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the good folks at Santa Barbara based Unite-To-Light, we’ve been empowered to help put game-changing solar lights in the hands of hundreds starting with NPR’s KCLU radio telethon this April. We’re very excited about… Read more »

Women Are Into Solar In A Big Way

Visit to learn just how influential and involved in solar women really are. Guided by a mission to promote the involvement of women in the advancement of all aspects of the solar energy industry, the emergence of groups like… Read more »