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GREEN Drinks

If you can survive OJAI DAY…you are encouraged to get back on your bike because October's GREEN DRINKS is this coming Monday the 21st! We'll be featuring Greg Grant, City Public Works Director who will be presenting Ojai's Active Transportation… Read more »

California Requires New Solar Power for Homes

Welcome to the future. If you want to add value to your home, save money on electricity costs and do something vital for our environment, give us a call.

Despite the Talk, Solar Delivering Knockout Punch to Coal!

Surprising to many during the recent presidential elections, talk of reviving coal operations was quite loud. That discussion was even more baffling to us here as we bask in the California sunshine and more and more of us put solar… Read more »

The Green Community Can Save The US Paris Climate Agreement

In a dramatic statement Tesla leader Elon Musk left his national advisory post in protest over the United State’s June 1st decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement (PCA). When questioned he stated, “Climate change is real. Leaving Paris… Read more »

Don’t Miss These Residential Solar NEM Benefits

If you are considering going solar, it’s time to get off the fence! The generous Net Energy Metering (NEM) 1.0 program that current solar residents benefits from is set to expire at some point in 2017. The date it will… Read more »