Own your power, own the rewards

As of mid-2014, more than a half-million homes had solar systems. This posed new questions  for real estate agents, appraisers and lenders, on how to value this fast growing home improvement option. The US Department of Energy sponsored a study to examine homebuyer attitudes and, published in January 2015, the study shows that potential buyers are influenced by homes with rooftop solar panels.

solar improves
home values

Solar incentives have changed but the benefits remain

Like numerous cities and countries around the world, California’s solar conversion programs were set up with layered initiatives to jumpstart the industry. California quickly rose to the top as an excellent example of how to manage such a program–with administrators proactively listening to installers, working out the early issues, and ultimately laying the groundwork for the hot industry California solar is today. The time to talk to a solar representative is now. Find out which incentives have been extended and which ones may expire soon.


Solar, it’s a good deal

Going solar is often referred to as an investment rather than just a simple addition to your home. The factors that influence the potential value of this investment are:

1. the size of your solar system
2. where you locate your system
3. whether you qualify for solar incentives
4. how you finance your system
5. the amount of electricity you generate


Solar’s sunny upside for the economy and environment

Solar energy is now widely used in more than 100 countries.  There are many reasons why countries are courting solar so wholeheartedly, but for most individuals the reasons are pretty simple–it’s better for the environment we live in now and for the environment we hope to leave for our children.


Let the sun fill up your gas tank

Are you already driving or thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle? Your investment in a solar system will pay off even faster when you use it to replace your electricity costs in your home AND your gasoline costs at the pump! And once your system is paid for, the sun could be funding your entire gas budget.