Top 5 Questions to Ask Solar Reps

Choosing the right solar company is no doubt a difficult task. That’s why we have decided to put together the top 5 questions you should be asking solar reps while you shop around for the perfect fit.


  1. How many panels have you installed and where can I find reviews of your company?

These two questions go hand in hand. Not only do you want to be sure that the companies you are interested in know what they are doing but you also want to be sure that their previous customers agree. Yelp and SolarReviews are two great places to look for reviews of companies. A good base point is at least 50 installs and a few references if you want a reputable company.


  1. Are your installers fully trained and qualified?

Don’t be shy when asking this. You definitely want to make sure the solar companies you’re looking at have trained installers. Be weary of larger companies hiring sub contractors to install your panels. This is an important investment so you don’t want to overlook who is actually installing your system.


  1. Is your company locally owned and operated?

You will probably be looking into both local and nationwide solar companies. So what exactly is the difference? Nationwide companies may be handling most of your installation in an out of state office, which can make this inconvenient for you. Locally owned and operated companies are often more reliable in this case. Make sure to see what the mission statement of each company is as well. You will find that locally owned and operated companies, like us, provide the same package as larger companies with even more reliability.


  1. Who is your supplier?

Who supplies the panels? Are they supplying high-efficiency panels? If you find that a company’s supplier makes cheaply made panels, you are not likely to get your return on investment. Here at California Solar Electric we use SunPower, which is known for its high quality panels and unparalleled performance.


  1. Will you be handling all of my paperwork?

This is important as well because not all companies will do this for you. You don’t want to be left with piles of paperwork that can be challenging to understand on your own. You want to hire a full service solar company so they can help you with paperwork in regards to financial incentives, net metering, tax breaks, and more


Overall, the three most important things to look for in a solar company are experience, licensing, and customer testimonials and reviews. You want to make sure you are investing in this entire experience, not just a portion.


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