Solar Emergency: Your Installation vs. Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

While we may not get many snowstorms, California still has its fair share of weather warnings. In addition, other natural disasters like earthquakes are commonly associated with our beautiful and sunny state.

So how do you prepare your solar installation for extreme weather or natural disasters? Here at California Solar Electric, we decided to write a post about these potential issues.


Extreme Weather

Lightening is one potential stressor on your solar installation. During a storm it’s easy to think that your solar panels will be affected if they are struck by lightening. Keep in mind these odds are very low, but if this were to happen your inverter rather than your panels will most likely be affected. However, there are insurance policies you can take out for this called lightening arrestors. These will absorb and dissipate any possible lightening strike.


What about hail? Extreme rain and hailstorms can occur in California and the obvious thought would be that that hail could crack your panels. Depending on the type of panels you install, your installation will be crack free during all of these occurrences.


Here at California Solar Electric we are proud distributers of SunPower. SunPower panels have special Maxeon cell technology that provides extra strength and enables it’s panels to withstand extreme weather conditions. So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered during these rare extreme weather conditions in our lovely state.



Okay so maybe California is more vulnerable to earthquakes than other parts of the United States, but this shouldn’t be a concern when deciding to go solar. Mounting hardware is key here. You want to make sure your solar installer is using state of the art mounting hardware to insure no sliding will occur during an earthquake. Here at California Solar Electric we customize each of our installations, mounts included, to your specific needs.


Battery Backup

Battery backups are a great solution for some of these “what if” situations, particularly if you experience a grid blackout. If you choose to go with a grid-tied system your installation will only produce power when the grid is on. Seems obvious right? Well battery backups allow for you to switch off-grid and draw from your battery in the event of a grid blackout. This sounds great to some and to others not so much because these “what if” situations are very rare. Whatever you decide to do, your solar company should be able to talk you through the options and help in this decision process.


In the end, it’s important to remember that the benefits of going solar outweigh the risks of damage. Living in California has its perks, especially for solar energy, so take advantage of it.


Want more information on mounting options, battery backups, and more? Get your free consultation from us today!

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