Despite the Talk, Solar Delivering Knockout Punch to Coal!

Surprising to many during the recent presidential elections, talk of reviving coal operations was quite loud. That discussion was even more baffling to us here as we bask in the California sunshine and more and more of us put solar panels on our roofs. Between rebates for clean energy and savings on electric bills, plus the multi-faceted upside of tapping into a renewable resource, it’s been a sound investment for families and companies around us to make the decision to go solar. Fortunately, California is not the sole crusader in the solar movement!

According to a recent report from titled “Rooftop Solar Boom Set to Spread Worldwide as Costs Plunge,” in just four short years solar power will be cheaper than coal almost everywhere. We’re in good company, California–how’s this for some exciting projections worldwide:

  • By 2040 20% of Brazil’s power will be generated by the sun
  • By 2040 1/4 of Australia’s electricity will be solar generated
  • By 2040 Germany is projected to be close behind at 15%

As time goes on we’re also seeing an improvement in the way solar panels look and work. Our industry’s investment in improving the technology has resulted in panels that work even more efficiently and for longer plus new types of batteries that makes energy storage more efficient. The solar market is alive with innovation, whereas coal has stayed mostly stagnant. With sustainable alternatives so readily available and becoming more and more affordable, the only question left is…why is coal even part of the conversation anymore?