7 Myths About Solar

Original Post: Solar Power World

How to get the public excited about solar power is a hot issue right now, as discussed in this Solar On the Street video from PV America (hint, you may see a familiar face). As I’ve said before in my blog on social solar, I think it’s easy for the public to get excited about solar once they know the truth. Once myths are debunked and false information is corrected, the benefits of solar will speak for themselves.
I recently found a great article that does just this: Debunks 7 common myths about solar by citing the data to back it up. Here is a brief  list of the myths and facts in the article. I encourage you to check out the full article, “Myths And Facts About Solar Energy,” on mediamatters.org.

MYTH: Solar Energy Is “Dirty”
FACT: Solar Energy Can Greatly Reduce Pollution

MYTH: Solar Energy Requires Vast Amounts Of Land
FACT: Modest Amount Of Desert Land Could Supply All Our Power

MYTH: Solar Power Is Too Intermittent For U.S.
FACT: U.S. Has Great Solar Potential Aided By New Technologies

MYTH: Solar Energy Is Too Expensive
FACT: Solar Costs Are Dropping Rapidly

MYTH: The U.S. Solar Industry Is Failing
FACT: Solar Installations Are Booming

MYTH: U.S. Can’t Compete With Chinese Solar Industry
FACT: U.S. Can Be A Solar Powerhouse With Right Policies

MYTH: Solar Is Over-Subsidized
FACT: Solar Subsidies Are Helping An Emerging Technology