City of Santa Barbara to Honor Solar Power Projects

City of Santa Barbara to Honor Solar Projects on
September 27, 2011
SANTA BARBARA, CA – September 27, 2011
The City of Santa Barbara is scheduled to honor the owners of 97 single family residences, including 20 solar energy contractors, the City Housing Authority, Santa Barbara City College and 30 projects, including Tea Fire rebuild projects, in the Las Barrancas Homeowner’s Association located on Westmont Road and Drive, who have installed solar energy systems. The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place today, September 27th during the regular City Council meeting, held in the Council Chambers at the second floor of 735 Anacapa Street (De La Guerra Plaza) at approximately 2:00 PM.  The agenda for the meeting is on-line at   Award ceremonies were also held in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011. In 2006, the Council approved the City’s Solar Energy System and Passive Solar Design Guidelines and Recognition Program.  The intent of the program is to promote the use of renewable energy, efficient use of energy resources, and aesthetically integrated systems into the design of projects and buildings.

This presentation covers two years worth of projects, 175 projects were considered for possible awards which were installed over the last two years.  This year’s plaque and certificate award winners cover 7 award categories and demonstrate both highly efficient systems as well as designs consistent with the Guidelines in the following categories.  A list of this year’s plaque recipients in each category is attached.  Award project photographs will be available on-line at:

Not Publicly Visible Solar Energy System Projects,:
Ideal Sites
Flat-Roof Panel System

Design Challenge Solar Energy System Projects, Publicly Visible:
Carefully Designed and Mounted Panel Systems

Special Challenge Solar Energy System Projects:
Mission-Style Tile Roofs
Historic District and Structures
Commercial Systems

Passive Solar Projects

Interested parties should contact Heather Baker, (805) 564-5470, for further information or visit
2011 Active Solar Energy System
Recommended Award Plaque Recipients

Standard Solar Energy System Projects, Not Publicly Visible                    (Category 1)

Flat Roof Panel System

3829 Lincoln Road
Owners:  Christine Wong & Jeffrey Light                   Contractor:  Prime Solar
Ideal Site

4132 Hidden Oaks
Owner:  Richard Nagy                                                Contractor:  California Solar Electric

1930 Mission Ridge Road
Owner:  Fulmer Family                                               Contractor:  Ojai Solar Electric


Design Challenge Solar Energy System Projects, Publicly Visible            (Category 2)

Carefully Designed and Mounted Panel Systems

2211 Anacapa Street
Owners:  James & Margaret Lombard                       Contractor:  Sun Pacific Solar

715, 719, 721 Laguna Street, 320 E. De La Guerra Street, 726 Garden Street
Owner:  Housing Authority / City of SB                      Contractor:  Planet Solar

Westmont Road Project
Las Barrancas Homeowners Association                   Contractor:  Planet Solar


Special Challenge Solar Energy System Projects                                        (Category 3)

Mission Tile
928 W. Mission Street
Owners:  Frederick Powell & Susan Revoc   Contractor:   REC Solar

Potential Historic Resource

234 W. Islay Street
Owner:  Sempervirens Family                                   Contractor:  REC Solar


Commercial Systems

609 E. Haley Street
Owner:  Catholic Charities Services              Contractor:  Bonterra

721 Cliff Drive
Owner:  Santa Barbara City College              Contractor:  Compass Energy Solutions



2011 Passive Solar Energy System
Recommended Award Plaque Recipients

320 Victoria Street

Owner:  Victoria Garden Mews

Architect:  Thompson Naylor Architects

Contractors:  Allen Associates, Solforce Systems Inc. &
Dexter’s Solar Radiant Energy Service