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The advantages of solar continue to grow. Whether you’re in it to own your own power, you’re worried about the future of the planet, or the savings could mean a lot for your family—there’s a sunny upside for every solar household!

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With 15 years of solar installation under our belt, we are the best choice to guide you through the right solar plan for your needs. We’re local professionals who can give you a sound overview of industry-wide options and experienced input on smart choices for getting you an installation you can live with!


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Solar panel costs are falling while performance is rising. There’s no time like now to own your power. The solar industry is growing and adding jobs to the economy. Material costs are falling due to high residential solar demands. Technology improvements result in easier, higher functioning installations. Isn’t it time for your house to benefit?


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You can’t fault all the new solar companies popping up everywhere. They know a good thing when they see it. But California Solar Electric has been rooted in our community for over 25 years. Our workers are your neighbors and we’re proud of our reputation and track record amongst you. We are a local company dedicated to providing on-grid customer service that’s off the charts.

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Solar Emergency: Your Installation vs. Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

While we may not get snowstorms that warrant the title ‘snowpocalypse’, California still has its fair share of weather warnings. Well, maybe not extreme weather warnings, but other natural disasters like earthquakes are associated with our beautiful and sunny state…. Read more »

The Next Step in Your Solar Lifestyle: A Solar Vehicle

Between solar vehicles and electric vehicles charged by your solar panels, there are lots of ways to add your driving to your solar lifestyle.   Solar Vehicles Solar vehicles are much like ordinary run-of-the-mill vehicles, except they are powered entirely… Read more »

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