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The advantages of solar systems continue to grow. You not want to pay power companies to light your home, or you might want to help keep our air and environment clean. In addition, solar systems can provide you with substantial savings that can mean a lot for your family. There’s a sunny upside for every solar household!

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With 15 years of solar installation under our belt, we are the best choice to help you find the right solar plan for your needs. We’re local professionals who are ready to answer your questions about solar. We can provide you with expert guidance and helpful information for making smart choices. We're here to get you an installation you can live with!


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The cost of solar is falling while performance is rising. There’s no time like now to take control over the power in your home. The solar industry is growing and adding jobs to the economy. Prices are falling as the demand for solar continues to rise. Technology improvements result in easier, higher functioning installations. Isn’t it time for your house to benefit?


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Lots of new solar businesses are starting to appear in the market place. They know a good thing when they see it. But California Solar Electric has been rooted in our community for over 25 years. We are your neighbors. We’re proud of our reputation and exceptional track record. We are a local company dedicated to providing on-grid customer service that’s off the charts.

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How Green Are Your NYE Resolutions?

From the California Solar Electric family, we hope you and yours have had a satisfying year and are looking forward to a brilliant 2016. …Speaking of brilliant…does your 2016 look sunny and powerful? Is it green and good for the… Read more »

Congress Passes Multi-Year Extension of Solar Tax Credit

This morning, the U.S. Congress passed a multi-year extension of the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC. )  The policy received broad bipartisan support by California’s congressional delegation and was backed by consumers from farmers in the Central Valley to… Read more »

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